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One of the most beautiful towns of Greece and the major port of Athens.

A town surrounded by the blue colors and the islands of the Aegean sea .

A place that has always been mentioned by the history.

A city with an intensive nightlife , beautiful places and nice people .

Through the pages of our site we would like to guide you and show you

the beauties of this town , give you all the ins and out's of one 
of the most important towns of Greece .

For those traveling to Greece, this vast chain of islands can seem a bit overwhelming, without a bit of preparation. With a little bit of background, and tips on what to expect, those traveling to the Port of Piraeus will rest easy knowing the lay of the land, what to expect from the port, and what types of lodging and ferry transportation are available. Armed with this information, travel will be much less hectic, and tourists or those traveling on business can focus on more important things, like enjoying the beautiful scenery and architecture that Piraeus, Greece has to offer.

Piraeus Hotels Piraeus, Greece, along with its suburbs is a particularly important zone of industry for Greece. The city also charms visitors with is broad streets, open squares, shady, tree-lined boulevards, and peaceful parks. Piraeus is Greece's third largest city based upon population, and it's port is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. It is Europe's largest passenger transportation port, and serves as terminal for Athens Metro Green Line electric train service. For tourists, just near the harbor the Agia Triada Church can be found, and boasts beautiful architecture, famous for its carved iconostasis. Ruins of the acnient city in the Agia Triada's basement are a sight to see. Don't forget to relax at Kastela Hill with ice cream, before enjoying the two museums. Zea Bay is home to a popular Archeological Meuseum. Piraeus is also known for it's lively nightlife, with music, lights, and refreshments to liven up a relaxing vacation.

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